Who do I contact about my child?

The first person to contact at the Academy if you have any concerns or would like to raise any issues is the Year Manager.  This is the person who will know your child best.  They will then liaise with you to make sure that you get the answer you require. You can either call reception on 01782 882300 or email the Year Manager directly.

Year 7 - Miss Brown

Year 8 - Mrs Aitken                                                                                             

Year 9 - Mrs Holdcroft

Year 10 - Miss Springett/Mrs Proudman

Year 11 - Mr O'Dea

In the event of a Year Manager being unavailable the Lead Year Manager Mrs Aitkin should be contacted.


For issues with safeguarding or escalation of a concern that a Year Manager has been unable to deal with please contact Mrs Goodwin (Assistant Vice Principal:  Behaviour and Inclusion) .  Mrs Goodwin is also the Designated Child Protection Lead.  The Child Protection Officer is Mrs Holdcroft and can be contacted on if there are any safeguarding issues you wish to report.


If the issue is about achievement and progress please contact one of our Heads of Year

Year 7 - Mr Ahmed

Year 8 - Mrs Hewitt

Year 9 - Mrs Chilton

Year 10 - Mrs Castle

Year 11 - Mr Jennings


Mr Hall (Vice Principal: Curriculum and Assessment) can be contacted on 

Mrs Barlow (Assistant Vice Principal:  KS4) and Mrs Crowther-Green (Vice Principal:  Achievement) oversee Years 10 and 11.

In the rare event that a parent has not found the answer they are looking for from one of the above staff Mr Lowry, the Principal, can be contacted on 

Is transport available?

Yes. We offer bus transport from several points in the city. To see if it is available to you please call our office on 01782 882300.

What catchment area does the Academy serve?

As long as we are not over-subscribed, we will accept students from any area.

Could I have a look around the Academy?

Yes. We welcome anyone to come and see our Academy during the working day or out of hours.

To arrange a tour or visit, contact the Academy on 01782 882300

Is help available to complete the admissions form?

If you require assistance in completing the admissions form please contact our admissions officer Mrs Broadhurst, who will be able to help you through the process.

You can call the Academy on 01782 882300 or email enquiries@cas.coop

Would you accept applications from students who would be entering in Years 8,9,10 or 11?

If the year group is not over-subscribed, we will consider all applications. Applications should be made directly to the Academy for the attention of Mrs Broadhurst.

Does the Academy provide out-of-hours activities?

Students may attend a supervised breakfast club at 8am where facilities are available for those who wish to study. There are also homework clubs and numerous activities, including Dance, Sports, Film clubs and Craft clubs available at the end of the Academy day until 4.30pm. 

You can see a full list here.

How do we apply for uniform and how much does it cost?

At The Co-operative Academy ALL Year 7 students will get a FREEuniform. They will receive a FREE Blazer, Tie, Sports Polo Shirt and Branded Tracksuit in their community colours. If your application is successful then the Academy will contact you and invite you to attend and Open Evening in July where the uniform can be collected.

Visit our Uniform page for more details.

I am a grandparent, step-parent or foster carer. Am I the correct person to complete the application form?

Applications are normally made by a person with parental responsibility for a child. If you are applying for an Academy place for a child for whom you do not have parental responsibility, for example, if you are a foster carer, you will need to attach a letter to your application form explaining why you are applying.

How much are school meals?

The Academy offers an extensive MENU, catering for a wide variety of tastes and cultures, purchased through our cashless catering system.   Academy meals are currently £2.35 which includes a main meal, drink and dessert. If you currently receive free school meals then this will continue if your circumstances remain the same.