Recognition Awards

Today saw students, staff and parents join together for a Special Recognition Assembly to celebrate some of our amazing students and their success. For our Year 7 cohort, students and staff nominated eight students to win one of the eight values awards. 

This is the first time the Academy has held these awards, and it was very much top secret, so that our winners did not know they had won - although a few may have guessed when their parents and grandparents entered the hall once the students were seated. 

After a short introduction from Mr Tomlinson, and a video clip of life at the Academy, Director of the Trust Frank Norris gave a stirring speech before Mrs Garrity kicked things off with the Equity and Equality Award. A proud Mr Assad (Form Tutor) gave a wonderful speech about Qudsia, winner of the first award. As happened with all the rest of the awards, once a speech was given about the winning student, a video clip was played of their Primary School teachers congratulating them on their acheivement (which brought some tears from the crowd).

The eight proud winners of these special awards were: 

The Equity and Equality Award - Qudsia

The Self-help and Self-responsibility Award - Shannon

The Democracy Award - Gloria

The Openness and Honesty Award - Aiza

The Solidarity Award - Leo

The Caring for Others Award - Joe

The Social Responsibility Award - Sancha

The Special Pioneer's Award - Katie

The winners fully deserved their awards as they role model the values that the Co-operative Trust is built upon each day at our Academy. 

After the awards a celebration video of life at the Academy was shown, showcasing how students embody the eight values, before parents and grandparents joined staff and students for refreshments afterwards. 

One of the parents who attended said: "I think the whole occasion was fantastic. No other school has done this, and it made us very proud to see our son receive his award." 

Another parent said: "It was a privilege to attend the ceremony."