Democracy Winner - Gloria

Since coming to the Academy Gloriahas immersed herself fully into the Academy way of life.  She has joined Student Council where she represents students’ views and voice in a mature way. She is a caring, attentive and enthusiastic member of the council. She is an absolute pleasure to know and I am excited to continue to work with her as she moves through the Academy. She is a real asset to us. She has always got other students backs and looks after students and if an issue arises, she brings it to staff attention herself. She is central in her group of peers.  She is not only a wonderful example for them, but cares for them and ensures all students are looked after.  She is a very gracious young lady who is very mature emotionally.  She is able to talk to people of all ages in a soft and gentle manner which makes her appealing to all.  NO student is left behind.  She is tactful and honest in her conversations, but manages to draw people to her and continue to improve themselves.