The Co-operative Young Leaders

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About the Programme

The Co-operative Young Leaders Programme was created in May 2011 and has been a very successful programme for both our students and our partner primary school pupils. The programme offers students in Years 7 -11 the opportunity to learn and develop skills such as; communication, organisation, planning, and delegation. It develops confidence, self- esteem and it encourages teamwork.

“I now feel more confident and I’m not nervous standing up to deliver my English  presentations in class as a result of my experience teaching in the Primary Schools”.

Shaista Taj  

Yr11 CYL Student

There are currently 94 trained leaders in Years 7-11, leaders have been trained generically in leadership skills and students may then choose different projects within a year, such as Modern Foreign Languages, ICT, Reading, Literacy, Olympic Lessons and Science. Training to be a Co-operative Young Leader takes place offsite at Staffordshire University, where students learn how to work as a team, develop their presentation skills and learn how to organise small groups. Planning for all the different projects takes place within, The Academy Extras Programme after school club, where students learn to write their own lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and lesson organisation, plan their delivery of the topic and create certificates for presentation at the end of each lesson.

The aims of the academy and the Co-operative Young Leaders programme are to:

  • Develop and create responsible, organised, motivated and confident students who can lead and deliver purposeful and enjoyable academic and sporting activities.
  • Encourage students to get involved in organising and assisting with the provision of learning on a voluntary basis.
  • Provide opportunities for primary children to benefit from working with the Academy leaders.
  • Develop our partner primary schools links ensuring a smooth transition for pupils from Key stage 2 – Key Stage 3 Personal development – helping people reach their full potential.
  • Provide a stepping stone to further or higher education and employment for students.
  • To develop leadership – teaching people the ability to organise activities, to lead, motivate and communicate with groups involving both children and staff.
  • Volunteering in communities – encouraging people to organise safe sporting/academic activities in their own partner primary schools.
  • To create role models both within the Academy and within our community.