Community Respect

Local Police visited the Academy in early February to work with Year 7 and 11 students. The visit was part of the Forensics module for Year 11 and an enrichment activity for Year 7.

Year 11's were treated to a mock crime scene, in which a murder had occurred, and using various forms of forensic analysis they reviewed the crime scene and attempted to uncover the crime.

Year 7's learnt about Responsibility and Respect, two cores to the co-operative ethos. PC Darren McGrath gave a brief talk on the responsibilities of actions, with regards to how criminals are dealt with after a crime. Working alongside a colleague PC McGrath also taught about respect and the importance of respecting not only the police but also one’s community and one’s self. The students were then shown how finger printing and palm printing was done with some ‘hands on’ practical work. All the prints were then destroyed but the message stayed.

PC McGrath said “It’s important we work with these kids early on, we want them to know that the Police aren’t just out to arrest bad people but we also do a lot of work in the community. Of course, prevention is better than cure and if we can persuade some of these students that even associating with crime is risky behaviour then we are getting a message across. The Academy has been a fantastic inspiration since opening and it’s now up to the Students and staff to ensure that it has an impact on the Academy Community and also the wider local community.”

The Academy has a fantastic bond with the local community, through various projects and we endeavour to further cement these bonds through the actions of our students. 

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