World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day and their love for reading, staff at The Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent dressed as their favourite characters from the world of Literature. Students participated in a Character Challenge throughout the day, where they had to interview and question staff as to whom they were and what book they belong to simply by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

The day, which is celebrated annually at the Academy, enabled students to learn about new books and authors – both classic and modern – and also developed students’ speaking and listening skills. The Academy promotes reading for pleasure within all students and World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity for all staff to get involved and display their passion for reading.

Head of the Communication Faculty Miss Jenny Barlow, dressed as Lady Macbeth said: “We have an ethos within the Faculty and the Academy as a whole which promotes literacy and the love of literacy. World Book Day just gives us all a chance to do something fun and creative and draw attention to the power of reading. It gets all the students interested and hopefully they’ll read one of the books that we are portraying in our costumes.”

Students at the Academy in the Co-operative Young Leaders programme organised a Pirate Themed day in the Academy Library and invited pupils from Summerbank, Star Academy, Mill Hill, Golden Hill and St. Marys C.E primary schools to come and get involved. The Academy students, who already run a Reading Buddies program with the Primaries, organised the day where they did Pirate Craft, Pirate Word Activities, Stranded on an Island and lots of Pirate Games. One of the Academy’s Co-operative Young Leaders, Emil Magaway, said “I planned the treasure hunt activity and created workbooks for the children. They loved it! It’s brilliant to see them enjoying World Book Day. It has become a big event in here now.” 

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