Academy wins Gold

The Co-operative Academy and Balfour Beatty have jointly been awarded a Considerate Constructors Gold Award for the last year. Together, the Academy and Balfour Beatty, have worked together to ensure that little disruption is caused to the community and jobs on the site go to those in the community.

Having a construction site in a residential location and on a busy school campus has its challenges and we have met those challenges and have been praised for this.

Targets for the constuction were set before the build were set at 15% for local labour and 15% for local companies, these targets were exceeded with 45% and 47% respectively. We have harvested rainwater into underground tanks giving us a supply for cleaning external areas and watering plants and landscaped areas. 

"With observation areas, the staging of an open evening for building tours, and immaculate maintenance of both the site and all its approaches, this project pesented an outstanding impession of today's construction industry at work." said the report.

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