Keele University Visit

Each year Keele University holds a language event for Y8 students from across Staffordshire. The aim of the event is to promote language learning and to raise awareness of the importance of languages in the world of work and in our local communities. In small groups the students sang greetings in Chinese, learned the names of countries in German, followed directions in Lithuanian and did numbers in Arabic.

“The day was a real success and the students were asking to do it all again before we had even got back on the minibus at the end of the day.” said Miss Buxton, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at the Academy.

Here are just some of the things that students said about the visit - 

“It was an exciting experience and it increased my interest in languages” Aimma

“It was interesting learning about different languages and cultures” Ellie

“A wonderful opportunity…I especially liked the Italian” Rima

“really educational” Ben

“It was education inside fun” Daniel

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