Orchestra Wins

During the summer term our orchestra ‘The Academy of Note’  took part in the Creative Minds festival at the Regent Theatre, sponsored by the Bertarelli Foundation. The festival celebrated music, drama, film and dance over four days, culminating in the best artists performing on Saturday. The Academy of Note were invited back on the Saturday where they were awarded a trophy and a prize of £1000 which will be used to buy more instruments to enable even more students to enjoy the experience of playing an instrument.

The Bertarelli Foundation was created by Ernesto Bertarelli and his sister Dona as a permanent tribute to the advances in reproductive science and medicine pioneered by their father, and it oversees the family’s philanthropic contributions both in Switzerland and internationally. Initially, the Foundation focussed solely on healthcare, and later expanded to bring together the family’s philanthropic initiatives in many other fields, such as life sciences, the environment, culture, education and sport.

Kirsty Bertarelli, Ernesto’s wife and a member of the Foundation’s governing board, was born in Staffordshire and spent her childhood in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Bertarelli Foundation is committed to a number of projects and initiatives in various domains.

The Students, all in either year 7 or 8, meet every Friday afternoon to play together and had such a fantastic time performing that they have pledged to continue studying their chosen instrument beyond year 8.

Mr Nolan said "They were so pleased to have won, they have all dedicated a lot of their own time to perfect their craft. It is great to see that they want to continue. We'd love even more students to get involved this year."

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