Charlie is a Radio Star

Charlie Bowden, in Year 9, has become the latest pupil to become licensed as a Radio Amateur.  Mr Read, himself a radio ham with callsign M1EYP, has been providing these training courses at the Academy and predecessor school for six years.
Charlie, who lives in Abbey Hulton, passed the "Foundation Licence Examination" and a few days later received his transmitting licence from Ofcom (the Government's Office of Communications).  He was allocated the callsign M6YAH.
To celebrate Charlie's success, and indeed to provide an opportunity for him to make his on-air debut, an outing was held to Bosley Cloud on the Cheshire-Staffordshire border.  This hill, rising to 343m ASL, is one of the qualifying peaks in the popular Summits on the Air (SOTA) scheme in amateur radio. Speaking about his experience, Charlie said "I appreciated this day and I thank everyone that contacted me. I would like to thank my teacher Mr Read for teaching me about amateur radio and for taking me on this trip. My favourite contact was with Martyn and Caroline which was a 'Summit-to-Summit'. It was also nice to work with quite a few stations from the U.S.A.".
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