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The new school year is my favourite time of year.  There is always a real sense of excitement and optimism about what is going to be achieved.  For me personally this is further heightened as I take over the role of Academy Principal after four successful years as Vice Principal.

Over the last four years I have seen the Academy go through some exciting changes and each time a change has happened, expectations have been raised.  Our Academy Charter sets out the high expectations that we have of students, staff, governors and parents.  All of these expectations are helping us to raise the achievement of students.  In 2013 we were awarded Leading Edge Status as one of the top 20% performing schools and our students also made progress across all subjects who put us in the top 2% of all schools nationally.

This summer our Year 11 really did us and themselves proud.  We are the most improved school in Stoke-on-Trent, improving by 13 percentage points on our headline 5 GCSEs A*-C including English and maths.  97.5% of our students left with 5 GCSEs A*-C  and 58% with 10 GCSEs A*-C.  We are proud that they can now take the next steps in their lives.  What pleased me more was the attitude of our young people in their final year with us.  They showed commitment, resilience and a willingness to work hard which will ensure that they are successful in their chosen career.

Moving forward, our Academy must try to ensure that all students can aim to ‘Be the Best’. The motto of the Academy.  In order to clarify what we mean by this we want all our students to be organised, be presentable, be respectful and be hardworking.  These important expectations will help our students to be the best that they can be and ultimately leave the Academy with excellent results which enable him / her to go on to university or have excellent career choices in the future.

We cannot do this on our own though and we need to have your support as parents.  Our expectations for your child are high at the Academy and with your support we can help your son / daughter achieve their potential.

If you wish to contact me directly my email is , all this information and more is available on our website

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