Festival of Sport

The Co-operative Young Sports Leaders under the guidance of Mrs Garrity, have been very busy for the past half term planning their lessons and learning how to deliver effective sporting activities that are age appropriate and differentiated for all abilities. The Leaders were soon ready to deliver their first block of sports festivals for the term. On Friday 17th October St. Mary’s CE Primary school and Saint Nathaniel’s  Academy Year 3 classes participated in an afternoon of sport. The Co-operative Young Leaders had planned indoor athletics activities that would develop jumping, throwing and running skills for the Key Stage 2 pupils.

The majority of the Leaders have been Playground Leaders in their former primary schools, this ensured a smooth transition to becoming a Co-operative Young Leader. Throughout the afternoon Mrs Garrity had the opportunity to ask students and teachers their thoughts on the festival.

“A really well organised event, the Leaders were superb! They are well trained and it showed in their lesson delivery. Our pupils were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the festival.”

Mr Hulme & Mrs Brown Year 3 teachers at Saint Nathaniel’s Academy

“The session was fantastic, the children were engaged in the activities. The Young Leaders were excellent in the way that they interacted with the younger pupils.”

Miss Begum   Year 3 teacher at St Mary's CE Primary School.

“I enjoyed the fact that the pupils were so enthusiastic about sport.”

 Lauren Aitken Co-operative Young Leader

“It has been brilliant taking part today, I can’t wait to come again.”

Houston Gayle Year 3 pupil at Saint Nathaniel’s Academy

“I recognise the Leaders from when they were at my school; it is great seeing faces that you know.”

Georgia Swann Year 3 pupil at St Mary’s CE Primary School

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