Student Voice at HQ

A day’s training at Angel Square in Manchester (The Co-operative Headquarters) was undertaken by Student Council members’ from Years 7 to 10. During the course of the day the students’ looked at working in a team, the importance of leadership and how to run effective meetings.

The day was a great success, with students and staff enjoying the variety of activities they were involved in. Russell Harvey who works at the Co-operative as a Leadership Development Specialist led a session that made students think carefully about what leaders say, do and feel in order to make the teams they work within successful. In the afternoon, students looked at what makes a team succeed and then with all the new knowledge they had gained were set a challenge of building the biggest and most stable tower from only a few resources!

Students commented that the day was extremely enjoyable and they felt more secure in running and leading meetings. They also left with a sense of pride of what they have already achieved and are looking forward to making the Student Council even bigger and better. 

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