Results Day - Saying Thank You

Being a teacher is hard.

Every day you can be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for young people, but there is not a moment that you can rest whilst you are in the classroom. There are no office tea breaks or downtime. Every day is at full speed.

Many students and parents do not understand or appreciate the hours of marking and preparation that go into every lesson, every class and every book. It comes as part of the territory that some people still genuinely believe that a teacher's work stops at 3.30pm. The lesson that you as a teacher planned might not have quite hit the mark, so we have to regroup and do the whole thing again.  Constantly tweaking, evaluating and reforming what we do. It is mentally and physically draining at times and at the end of a hard term you really are ready to drop.

But that's not the hardest thing. The hardest thing I find is that we are so emotionally invested in every young person that we deal with. In the four schools that I have worked in I can count on one hand the number of teachers I have met who didn't genuinely deeply care about their students and their achievement.

Results day is a tremendously nervous time for all students and I can assure that it is a nervous time for all teachers too. We genuinely care whether a young person gets that C grade or A grade. Your success is a reflection on our hard work and it makes our "hard" job worthwhile. The screams of joy, the smiles and the hugs are just what we feel too. Likewise we feel every frown, every disappointment and every shock.

Many of our students on results day said thank you to our staff for everything they have done for them.  The teachers, the LSPs, the mentors, the coaches who have taught, supported, nagged and encouraged them. The students (finally?) understand the emotional investment every member of staff puts into each of them.

So thank you to all the staff of the Academy for the many successes that the Academy students had on results day. English, science, geography,business, ICT and art results were particularly impressive.  As were the smiles from all the students who have overcome poor attendance or risen above personal or family issues. Success is something that we all share.

What drives us on though every year is that we could have even more students smiling and screaming for joy.

Being a teacher is hard.  But it's also the best job in the world.

Thank you to all the staff and students of the Academy for all their hard work this year.

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