Responsibility and Care for Others

One of our core values is responsibility. This can manifest itself in many forms. Responsibility can be shown by the way a student self-manages; a mature attitude to work or how one person is willing to accept the need for change.
Some recent events in the Academy have shown the value of responsibility and a genuine care for others. On Tuesday 17th November I was pleased to join the Academy Council in presenting the charity “Just a Drop” with a cheque for £2231 - following almost three years of fundraising. “Just a Drop” ( are a charity committed to supplying fresh water and sanitation to parts of the world that need it most. Our money goes directly to the Molemuni School in Kenya where it will pay for one third of the cost of a water tank which will supply fresh water to an entire secondary school.  The Academy Council was excited that their efforts are making a tangible difference to other students across the world.
A school community relies on positive relationships to make it function. 
These positive relationships often come to the fore even more when responding to events. One of our staff members was recently sadly diagnosed with breast cancer. The response of four Year 11 students showed that out of very dark times can come light. In little more than six weeks, four of our Year 11s raised £2561. Rhianna used social media to garner support for her sponsored head shave which was widely covered in the local press. In total Rhianna raised £830 and is now sporting a dashing shorter haricut. Lucy, Georgia and Ellie have raised £1731 through selling goods in the academy, a sponsored bike ride up to Mow Cop over half term and a Family Fun Day at Goldenhill Community Centre on 14th November.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Georgia, Ellie, Lucy and Rhianna for their efforts and also for being such positive role-models to others.
There are many more examples of the great work we do at the Academy which show us to be a caring and thoughtful community.  Thank you to all the staff, parents and students who make this such a special place.
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