Student Council meets Stoke-on-Trent Council

Year 7 and 8 members of Student Council met with Councillor Dutton on Tuesday 1st December. Students listened to Councillor Dutton as he explained his role and what it meant to be part of a Democracy. The students were able to draw comparisons with their own roles as members of the Academy’s Student Council.

Students asked a range of questions and were particularly interested in the development that is happening in Middleport.

Students saw that their role within the Academy can be extended in to the local community and really help make a positive difference by becoming active and responsible citizens.

Mrs Cunningham, Head of Student Services, said "I first of all need to thank Councillor Dutton for giving up his time to come and speak to the students. They had a fantastic morning! I believe that each of them has really got something valuable out of it and can take that forwards - using it when making the important decisions that impact on Academy life."

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