eMentoring with The Co-operative

Our Year 10 students have taken part in an induction for an eMentoring scheme being offered by The Co-operative.

Each young person (mentee) is matched with a dedicated volunteer (mentor) who provides one-to-one support and acts as a positive role model.  Through this safe and secure eMentoring relationship, the advice and support provided by the mentor will help increase aspirations to Further or Higher education, training or employment.  It can encourage attainment, motivation and self-esteem and improve ICT, literacy and communication skills – vital skills needed in today’s world.

Head of Discover, Mr Ahmed, said "I really hope they get something amazing out of this. This is a really important year for them coming up to GCSE year. They need to be supported and supportive, so this is fantastic for them."

The eMentoring is carried out over a secure web server and is closely monitored to ensure it is as safe as possible for mentors and mentees.  Mentees and mentors never see each other’s email addresses so all contact is made securely.

Mentors are given training on their role and working with young people, and have a police check (DBS). Mentees are trained to ensure they are aware of the purpose of the programme and what to expect.

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