Aspirations and Careers Day

Thursday 21st January was our Year 11 Mock-results Day and Aspirations Day!

It was a chance for Year 11 students to talk to local colleges, universities and employers - who were all here – based around their mock GCSE results. There were mock-interviews with local industry professionals, inspirational talks from visiting speakers and the chance to perfect their application and interview techniques throughout the day.

This is a great focus for the Academy, ensuring that students leave school with the qualities to be successful in the jobs market and to help the local economy grow.

Principal, Mr Lowry, said "A lot of businesses in Stoke are growing rapidly, that's not just down to the entrepreneurial spirit, it's down to the hard working, focussed, passionate workforce. Whether that's the web developers, the logistics managers, the directors or the designers - they are all driven.

That's what we are trying to instil into these young people. They have the drive and the ability to be very successful, so days like today give them to opportunity to get their foot in the door for their next step - whether that's college, university, the RAF or great local companies. We just want them to move on to be the best."

Former students from the Academy came back to speak to Year 11 students about where they are now and how they got their since leaving the Academy.

Nixon Kiarie, in Year 11, said "I spoke to some ex-students and they said how much we need to focus between now and our GCSE's. It's given me a target for the next 6 months, I know what I want to do after school and now I know how to do it. Kamal Hyman was really inspirational in his speech, he made me realise that I want to do a job that I love - it's about being passionate in your career."

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