CAS Shortlisted for Awards 2016

CAS has been shortlisted for the prestigious DfE Character Awards 2016

CAS is one of only 5 schools in the West Midlands to be shortlisted for the national award. The Awards seek to identify, recognise and celebrate all those who are leading the way in character education to ensure pupils leave school ready for life in modern Britain. Character education can be found within a school’s ethos, in the classroom and on the playground, as well as on the sports field and in local community programmes. The programmes that CAS used as part of the bid was the Key Stage Three Edge programme; character education lessons; the Co-operative Young Leaders and Student Voice.

The Key Stage Three Edge programme is an innovative programme to provide enriched cultural and sporting experiences for our students. Activities include horse riding; jewellery making; photography; cycling; boxing; football; drama; music and a wide variety of other activities.

Character education lessons for Year 7 enable students to develop their moral, intellectual, performance and civic virtues.

The Co-operative Young Leader programme is a well-established leadership programme, which is used to support both internal programmes and support our transition programme. Young people are taught a wide variety of skills and volunteer a set number of hours every week.

Our Student Voice at the Academy is highly developed and mirrors the structure of the governing body. Almost 25% of all students are involved in student voice in some way.

The assessors are visiting the Academy on 13th June to decide whether CAS will go forward to be considered for the national award.

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