Graduating from Brilliant Club

On Wednesday 25th January, 11 students from Year 8 took part on a trip to the University of Liverpool to graduate from "The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme."

Since September, they have been having weekly tutorials with a PhD tutor from Manchester University, in which they were learning about the density and mass of stars, completing independent research, and working with challenging maths equations. At the end of their tutoring, they each had to submit 1,500  maths projects answering the question ‘Could Stars Float in the Bath?’. These assignments were marked at GCSE standard, and they all did fantastically well.  

5 of the students (Umar;Todd; Lewis;Tahiya and Anna) achieved the highest grade - a ‘1st’ - in their assignment (relatively few students across the cohort achieved this!):

Also, both Umar and Tahya were awarded a special ‘Distinction’ award- which their PHd tutor nominated them for - for their outstanding effort and achievement.

A massive well done to Umar; Lewis; Anna; Alina; Abbie; Bailey; Millie; Jessica and Alyssia.  

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