Finding Out About Fairtrade

13 of our Year 7 students recently visited the Co-operative Head Quarters at Angel Square, Manchester to take part in a Fairtrade event to learn all about the concept of Fairtrade and its importantance to the Co-op. 

Along with Mrs Cunningham and Mr Parsons, our students took part in various tasks and sessions as they embarked upon a journey of discovery all about the practice of Fairtrade. With key speakers and demonstrations, the day was action packed and fun filled. 

One of the tasks set was to test the students problem solving and team work skills, as working as part of a Premium Committee looking after the interest of Fairtrade workers, they had to decide between them what materials and resources to invest in to help look after the local workers. 

After receiving a free Fairtrade lunch and some fantastic Fairtrade goodies, the students returned back to the Academy to help spread the word about Fairtrade and why it is a key value of the Co-op.

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