Lip Sync Battle

An expectant crowd gathered in the Main Hall as three contestants prepared for a showdown in a CAS Lip Sync Battle. A queue had started to form early doors as excitement rippled though the student and staff population, with staff and students hosting the battle to raise money for this years Year 11 prom. 

Mrs Leighton took centre stage as the host of the battle and after welcoming the crowd, the battle commenced. 

The lights dimmed down and cheers rose as Mrs Chilton and students began the battle with a well rehearsed routine to "24k Magic" by Bruno Mars, during which Mrs Shufflebotham made a special guest appearance at the mid way point. 

Next on the dancefloor was Mrs Springett who gave a solid performance to Beyonce's "Love On Top" - again drawing massive applause from the crowd. 

Only a flawless performance could top the previous constestants, and Mr Rogers did not disappoint as he pulled out all the stops to Chris Brown's "Beautiful People" - a performance that led to the self-titled "King of Pop" becoming the new Lip Sync Battle champion.

A huge well done to all staff and students who took part, as well as those who prepared the lighting and sound for the event.  

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