Fairtrade Basketball

A mini fairtrade Basketball session took place at our Academy, as students continue to learn and develop their awareness of fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight. Students have been reading, watching and listening about worker who make fairtrade products, and their fight for fair practice for the work they produce, as well as learning about Bala Sport, who specialise in making fairtrade sports balls. 

During the Basketball session, under the guidance of Mr James, the students went through shooting practice as they excelled in drop shots, free throws and jump shots.

The students then went through a rigourous attack vs defence routine, as they took it in turns to try and block a variety of different shots. Following this was a match simulation in which all students took part. Played in the right spirit of sportsmanship and enthusiasm, the students thoroughly enjoyed the competitiveness as well as developing their skills. Basketball continues to be a very popular sport at the Academy, and under Mr James' guidance, a future of success looks likely to continue. 

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