Recognition Awards 2017

Last night at Angel Square in Manchester, our Academy attended a Cooperative Trust Recognition Evening along with all the other Academies part of the Coop. The Evening was a celebration of all the hard work that staff produce on a daily basis to enhance their academies for both staff and students. The awards for staff are linked to the Co-operative values of the trust (Democracy; Openness and Honesty; Equity and Equality; Caring For Others; Social Responsibility; Solidarity and Self-help and Self-responsibilty).

Our Academy had a nomination for each of the seven awards with two of our amazing staff winning overall.

After a short introduction from Trust Director Frank Norris and two wonderful videos (Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent; Manchester Creative Media Academy) the awards commenced. 

Mrs Cunningham was the first on stage to collect The Democracy Award. Nominated by her colleagues, Mrs Cunningham is a pivotal figure at the academy due to her high standards and her desire for the students to achieve the very best. She created the student council, which she runs in tandem with the students, ensuring that the student population is represented and has a collective voice that is heard. She also organises various events throughout the academic year that always prove successful and always benefit the staff and students. More importantly, she gives responsibility to the students to help run these events, allowing them to have a significant influence at the Academy.

Despite not winning their respective categories, the following staff were worthy nominees who brillianlty reflect and embody the positive culture at the Academy...

Mr Dale (Openness and Honesty)

Mrs Goodwin (Equity and Equality)

Mrs Taylor (Caring For Others)

Miss Horton (Social Responsibility)

Mrs Shufflebotham (Solidarity)

Mr Tomlinson (Self-help and Self-responsibility)

At the end of the evening, two special recognition rewards were announced. And the Academy were delighted to see mrs Goodwin pick up the Pioneers Special Recognition Award. Mrs Goodwin puts in extra care and effort to ensure all information is shared with the relevant persons, including problems and concerns which she details how her and her team have responded with short term and future needs. She manages her team excellently to ensure all pupils are having at least the basic needs identified met. When she interacts with students, there is an obvious trust and respect for her which is reflected in their view of the academy. She provides a vital link to parents of the students as well as various external agencies, whilst taking on responsibility as part of her Senior Team role, ensuring the best education outcome for the students is her prime concern.

Principal Mr Lowry said: "This evening was about celebrating the achievements of our wonderful staff who go above and beyond on a daily basis.  We are obviously delighted that Mrs Goodwin and Miss Cunningham won the overall Trust Awards and also that we had seven staff shortlisted.  However we had many other nominations as our staff give so much to ensure that our students are happy, safe and well-rounded individuals."

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