Student Council In Action

On Wednesday 8th March The Co-operative Academy Student Council attended a very important meeting on the future of Tunstall Town Centre that was held at the Floral Hall in Tunstall.

AECOM engineering firm have been commissioned by Stoke-on-Trent City Council to undertake a study on the Economic Development of Tunstall town centre. The study is a key piece of work and required all sectors of the community to add their input, at the meeting there were representatives from senior council officers; cabinet ministers; local residents; business owners and our Student Council representing the young people in the community.

The opinions of the local community were discussed and the afternoon was spent looking at what changes could happen in the future for Tunstall Town. Issues such as regeneration; parking; cycle routes; transport; road works and road transport were all discussed.

Our Student Council had the following to say about the afternoon:

“We felt as though we had a voice and were being listened to as we had the opportunity to discuss our views on Tunstall own Centre.”

Students said; “often it feels as though councils don’t listen to the younger generation, however today we felt as though our voice was heard and actually listened to.”

“We were respected and not judged and we were treated as adults in the room.”       

“Discussions were fair and equal and we definitely had a great deal of information to give to the study and impact upon it. The staff from AECOM who are working on the project were very interested in our ideas.”

Our students recieved the following feedback: "...all of the students were extremely enthusiastic, and offered a fresh perspective on travel modes such as public transport and cycling. I was particularly impressed that one of your students used the word ‘pollution’ in the initial ice-breaker - this didn’t go un-noticed."

"We would be more than happy to come in and speak to your GCSE geography students. Our Transport Planning Team (also based in Birmingham) consists almost exclusively of Geography graduates – so it could offer some direction with respect to career choices too."

Many thanks to Mike Lockett and John Charles for inviting the Academy to attend and for ensuring a youth voice was heard. Watch this space as we are looking to work with the Economic Regeneration Committee again and they have been invited into the Academy to talk to the Geography GCSE students.

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