Mad Scientists' Visit Primary!

Earlier this week, two of our science teachers (Miss C Dawson and Miss K Dawson) visited St Nathaniel's Primary School to deliver a science assembly as the primary school celebrated science week.

In a packed hall full of eager pupils' and staff, our mad scientists started by sharing a video on the joys of science before launching into their first experiment. This was the "Ketchup Test." After asking the pupils' what they thought was the best method for getting ketchup out of the bottle (tap the top; tap the side or shake) our teachers invited three pupils' up along with three of St Nathaniels' staff to see which method proved to be the best. After 30 seconds, and plenty of cheering, the shaking method was the winner. 

After another video, the next experiment was "Elephant's Toothpaste" -  which showed substances "changing state." A solid (potassium iodide) and a liquid (hydrogen peroxide) were mixed together and it produced a gas that was captured in bubbles by some fairy liquid in the mixture. This made lots of a substance that looked like it could be an Elephant's Toothpaste.

The assembly was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils', with one commenting how it was "the best assembly" they have had. Another pupil said: "I loved the elephants toothpaste experiment. I really didn't expect it to come exploding out the tubes like it did."

Miss K Dawson said: "It was lovely to see how excited the students were to see us at the beginning and they were still excited at the end which was good! If we've helped make even one child more interested in science then I think it was a success!"

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