Table Tennis Press Conference

Today saw the much anticipated press conference of our table tennis pioneers. In front of a sell-out crowd in the main hall, Mr James did his best to calm down the excitement as the sporting event of the year nears it's climax. 

First up were our KS3 finalists, Danny and Ramiz, who set out their intentions right from the off. Danny said: "I'm going to destroy him" to which Ramiz replied "I will do my talking on the tennis table." The two finalists then took questions from the crowd as they talked up their chances of being crowned KS3 champion. 

Once they had departed to cheers from the crowd, our KS4 finalists stepped up to the mikes, with Liam immediately throwing down the gauntlet, "I can't see anything other than a victory." After the cheers died down, Dawid responded by picking up the trophy and showing it to Liam, "...this is the closest you will get to the trophy, so enjoy it."

The crowd wanted more but the finalists had to undergo their last few training sessions before the finals tomorrow at lunch time. The time has now arrived, and the matches we have all been waiting for will soon be upon us. To the victor goes the spoils.  

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