Student Elections!

Our students will be part of an Election be held within the Academy on the 8th June to coincide with the General Election, as the Academy puts one of our strongest values (Democracy) in action.
At the moment in Tutor Time students are going through a PowerPoint with their Tutors regarding Parliament and the Election process.
We will then be launching our own Academy Election with the students. We will be asking students to nominate themselves to represent one of the 3 main parties (Conservatives; Labour and Liberal Democrats).
Students who will be representing the parties will start to plan and organise their campaigns, including holding conferences and making videos to out across their manifestos. 
We will then hold the Election on 8th June for the rest of the students in the Academy to vote for who they want to represent them. 
Led by Miss Cunningham and Mrs Murray, the process will also involve staff being mentors for each of their representatives as Election fever grips the population of the Academy. 
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