ASSIST Success

Want to give up smoking? Some of our Year 8 students have been working very hard with Stoke-on-Trent city council’s ASSIST team to stop people from starting to smoke.

ASSIST came in to do a survey with all of Year 8, and selected who our students chose as the top 20 most influential in their year group. These students then went with ASSIST on a 2 day course which trained them up as peer mentors for stopping young people from getting into smoking.

Finally, 6 of the most dedicated peer mentors were selected to take part in lessons on our ECM day, showing off what they had learned about smoking with their ‘cake task.’ This was very successful, and one of our teams from the day, Ali and Callum, said that they would like to do the lesson again and again with different year groups to help spread their message. Many students said that they learned a lot from this task about smoking, and it had put them off smoking forever! 

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