If I Can Dream

The Academy were enthralled by Elvis impersonator Gordon Hendricks recently, as the multi award winner belted out some classics as well as delivering a motivational speech to our students. 

Born in Stoke-on-Trent, Gordon shot to fame when he won "Stars in their Eyes" in 2005, before signing up to Yellow Records where he performed songs written by Geoff Morrow, who also wrote songs for Elvis, Barry Manilow, The Carpenters and Billy Fury to name but a few. 

Gordon was also crowned the "European Elvis Champion" in 2011 and has toured the world, performing to sell out crowds and winning numerous awards prompting John Wilksion (former Elvis guitarist) to state: "He has the looks of Elvis, he moves like Elvis and he sounds like Elvis - he has my vote any day."

Peforming to our students, Gordon sung "Teddy Bear" and "Don't Be Cruel" amongst others, with both staff and students singing and dancing along. 

Gordon then provided some inspirational words for our students, telling them to aim high and follow their dreams. After repeatedly being told he would fail and even laughed at, Gordon stuck to his goals and achieved his goals - becoming famous world wide. And this was the message he was keen to relay to our aspiring and ambitious students.

Year 8 student Holly said: "That was amazing. He was brilliant and we enjoyed having a dance."

Another Year 8 student (Robert) said: "I thought his journey was really inspiring. Especially when people told him he couldn't do it, but he stuck with it and proved people wrong."  

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