Why choose The Co-operative Academy?

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This year, like many parents I am choosing a school for my daughter.  I have started to think many of the same questions that parents will be asking themselves.  The main question is of course ‘why choose this academy?’ with all the amazing new schools in the area that are performing well, what makes us different?

We have a strong set of values and what makes us unique is the most important word in our name ‘co-operative’. We breed young people who co-operate together with our staff and embody the values of co-operatives that first began in 1844. Young people, through confidence and hardwork are the ones that will have a positive impact on their community.

Below I’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions asked by parents.

Will my child be safe?

Yes. When I was choosing a school for my daughter, this was the big question for me. I wanted to ensure that when I leave my daughter at 9am in a morning, she’ll be safe and happy. Ofsted’s Parent View survey found that 100% of our parents agreed that their child is safe in the academy and we have an incredible team of pastoral staff that support young people through what are undoubtedly the most important years of their education.  Ofsted commented on the “calm and purposeful atmosphere” in the academy.  Our team of dedicated staff are are specialised pastoral staff and they don’t just deal with lessons and education, they support children through everything that adolescent throws at them regardless of anything else.

Will my child get the best possible education?

Yes. I came to this academy as Vice-Principal in 2010 and I was in awe. I was surrounded by teachers who had been at the academy for years, in some cases over 30 years. They had perfected their craft and they knew Stoke-on-Trent and the young people that live here better than anyone. It isn’t very often that teachers leave our academy because working here is a privilege. You can look at our progress and performance data which regularly puts us in the top third of schools nationally and that is down to our fantastic teaching staff and our hard working students. We have a culture of empowering every student to reach their potential and be the best. Many of our staff send their own students to the academy, which is a real honour because it shows the confidence that staff have in the academy and their colleagues.

If your child is a high flyer then they can attend morning Delta 3 sessions which start at 8am and your son or daughter can take one of the classes in debating; additional problem solving; Victorian literature; science extension and more.

Is it just about passing exams?

No. Exams and assessments are taken by every student in every school across the country. I know that your child isn’t just the average child - they are an individual, they are unique and they are aspirational. Of course, schools are about learning and your child will finish their time here with a strong set of GCSE results, but we also develop the whole child to work hard and be a positive influence on their community. As an academy we’re very good at this and it is fantastic that we were recognised in 2016 when we won the government’s Character Award, which celebrates schools leading the field in character education - developing the whole child as an individual. We prepare young people for the diverse world that they have to succeed in and Ofsted described our academy during their visit as having ‘a culture of tolerance and respect that permeates the academy’.

Are their extra-curricular activities?

Yes.  And we are award-winning too.  We offer students a safe place to be from 8am in the morning at our Breakfast Club and we offer a broad range of ‘Extras’ after school until 4:30pm. We also have lots of in-school extra curricular activities for students including Co-operative Young Leaders programme to develop our students’ confidence and leadership skills, Student Voice which is our student led council who are a proactive and empowering voice within the Academy and our Edge programme which gives students the opportunity to study a variety of exciting activities including music, horse-care, boxing, cycling, drama, crafts, Duke of Edinburgh and more.  We are the city champions in basketball, table tennis and our Year 9 football team have swept all before them.

Can I visit the Academy?

Absolutely. I would encourage you to visit us on our Open Evening on Thursday 21st September at 4:30pm and if you’d like to visit us during the day we’re holding an Open Morning on Thursday 5th October from 11am-12:30pm. Alternatively you can arrange a visit with Mrs Garrity by calling our reception on 01782 882300 or emailing Mrs Garrity directly on .


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