Amazing Academy Extras

We believe that fun isn't just limited to the classroom, and that's why we are rolling out our Academy Extras. More importantly, we listened to you as students and have put on extras that you wanted.

The following activities are currently being offered at the Academy...

Table Tennis; football (boys and girls); art club; revision techniques; basketball; dance; music club; band club; gardening; netball; volleyball; science leaders club; aerobics; chess; badminton; pivocal group and rehearsals for our city wide famous christmas production.

In addition there are many other academic clubs such as maths offering catch-up and revision opportunities; please ask your class teachers for more information.

More activities are planned as the year progresses but if you are interested in a club that is currently not offered, speak to your Head of Community.

Please see below for the full timetables for both green week and yellow week. 

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