Neil Aspin Motivates Students

Last week some of our Nexus 9 students received a motivational talk from Port Vale manager Neil Aspin. Aspin came to the Academy to help inspire our students as well as taking part in a question and answer session. 

Aspin started by giving the students an insight into his career as a footballer and a manager, going into detail the hard work it took to become a professional footballer and then a manager. 

The Port Vale manager then explained why a career in sports was beneficial, explaining the varying roles that the students could fulfil such as players; scouts; physios; analysts and what sport can teach people. "Sport can teach you many things like being respectful. But it also teaches you about diet and nutrition, which is so teaches you a lot of things that you can use in life."

At the end of the session, Aspin took questions from the students who asked him what motivated him and how he overcame setbacks. Aspin said: "You've got to show your character because you've always got to get on with the next game. Things might not go smoothly but you can't just throw the towel in. You've got to go again."

Before leaving to train Vale for their next football league match, Aspin presented Year 9 student Ryan with some tickets to watch his team at Vale Park. Budding footballer Ryan, who has been given the chance to shadow Aspin in his role of manager, has excelled recently, winning six certificates for his attitude and approach to learning. This was the most in his year group and showed that Ryan is already showing the characteristics that Neil Aspin believes is important. 

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