Year 10 Condover Trip

In a bid to give our students more experiences during their time at the Academy, more and more trips are being held so our students can create memories from their time with us, as we prepare them for life after the Academy. 
Condover Hall in Shropshire is considered as one of the most outstanding Elizabethan manor houses in England. It is a Grade I listed building and combines the charm of rural Britain with the latest technology that provided our Year 10 students with an adventure to remember.
The students were tasked with building fires; survival shelters; taking part in archery; climbing a 40ft pole to attempt trapeze and attempting a huge climb wall. 
The evening entertainment was called Conquest. A lazer quest style game but inside an inflatable maze which was too low to stand in, meaning our students had to adapt as the game went on. 
It took a lot of determination by our students to over came their fears of heights, as well as building on core principles such as team work and leadership. 
The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, not wanting to leave and eagerly inquiring when the next trip would be!
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