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12 Thoughts this Christmas

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12 Things to be proud of at Christmas as I look back on this term..... #1 Ofsted came in November and agreed we were still good with outstanding features. #2 Record number of first choices for the Academy for Year 7 Sept 2018, we are full! News of our excellent work…

OFSTED Praise Academy

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The academy is still a good school with outstanding features.  We have been praised for our strengths in personal development; behaviour and welfare and the safeguarding of our students. Please see below for our recent Ofsted report. The report was published today following the visit by Ofsted to the academy on…

What makes a successful school?

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What makes a successful school? (A brief explanation of Progress 8 - a guide for parents) Over the years, school leaders have been praised and criticised; lauded and admonished; and even knighted and sacked on the "performance" of their schools. The issue has mainly been about what benchmark we use to…

Six Things To Think About When Choosing a School

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SIX THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN CHOOSING A SCHOOL FOR YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER. Twelve months ago I had a new experience in education, I was the parent for the first time. My wife and I chose the school that my eldest daughter now attends. It wasn’t easy. Even for myself…

New Pioneers

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Working Class Heroes. Where are the working class heroes nowadays? We look around at the TV shows, internet pages and social media noise and it seems an endless procession of footballers, reality TV people and identikit popstars. It's an important issue as our youth need to get their touchstone from somewhere.…

Not Just an Exam Factory

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This job has a habit of continually surprising and humbling you in equal measure. At our Open Evening in September one parent came over to congratulate me on the positive attitude of our staff and students. He talked about the 'golden thread' that clearly runs through everything we do, that we…