Business Studies

In 2016 the Business Studies department achieved fantastic results, 76.9% A*-C and 93.6% 3LOP.

Business Studies

In Business Studies we encourage personal development of knowledge and skills relevant to the business world through practical participation in a range of business activities.  Students develop and apply skills in English and mathematics in work-related contexts to give them a wider understanding and appreciation of the broad range of business areas.

Students in KS4 study the NCFE in Business and Enterprise. This is a course which offers students the opportunity to follow a programme of study that is directly related to an aspect of employment that they may wish to move into in due course. The knowledge and skills that they learn will help them generally in the world of work, business and commerce. The course allows students to apply the knowledge they learn within three of the units into a practical unit where they run their own Enterprise project. Business Studies is an interesting subject that allows students to put their learning into practise and gain expertise in areas such as finance and marketing which are easily transferable into the world of business and employment.

NCFE in Business and Enterprise

The course comprises of:

Unit 1 – Introduction to business and enterprise

Students will cover areas such as types of business ownership, famous local and national entrepreneurs and successful businesses and what skills and attributes are required to be a successful entrepreneur.  

Unit 2 - Marketing for business and enterprise

Students will sit a five hour external assessment, completed on the computer, covering all aspects of marketing a business, including pricing strategies, promotional methods and the use of social media and the internet. This examination is sat in chunks of one hour and students have the opportunity to build on prior work over the assessment period.

Unit 3  - Finance for business and enterprise

Students will cover areas such as how a business obtains funding, how profit and loss can be calculated, what VAT, National Insurance and tax are as well as completing a series of financial exercises such as cash flow.

Unit 4 - Plan, develop and participate in a business or enterprise project

Students will use the skills and knowledge they have learnt in the previous 3 units to plan and run their own social enterprise project. They will get the opportunity to work as a member of a team and as a leader, raising money for a charity of their choice. They will then evaluate their success and consider ways they could improve in the future. This unit is a highly practical one which gives students a real taste of what being a entrepreneur is really like

Unit 1, 3 and 4 are assessed as a portfolio of coursework and are grading Pass to Distinction Star (C – A*) whereas Unit 2 is an externally assessed examination which is completed by the students over a 5 hour period.

Student Expectations

·         To be on time for lessons and equipped ( pen, paper, planner)

·         To stay focused – think about the needs of other learners.

·         To meet all deadlines.

·         To keep folder neat and tidy so it is an aid not a hindrance to learning.

·         To act on STEP to help you improve each assessment.

·         To seek help from your teacher or the subject leader about any aspects of this course (Mrs Tatton –  Miss Cunningham –)

·         To read the business news weekly.

·         To keep track of your key terms, log your progress on your chart

·         To seek other ways of learning (such as receiving feeds from websites such as and using the school

·         To enjoy your subject, be enquiring and challenging!


5 lessons over a fortnight and weekly homework tasks (Year 10 & 11)