Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3

Students follow an engaging, accessible, inclusive curriculum, incorporating a wide range of current topics.  In Y7 topics include meeting people, family and friends, finding your way around and where we live. In Y8 topics covered include my routine, school, free time, and going out. In Y9 topics include food and drink, holidays, pocket money and healthy living. A combination of reading, writing listening and speaking skills are assessed   half termly.  Homework books accompany the course. However, a new, popular MFL interactive course is currently being trialled and will be replacing the existing   one in the near future.

Key Stage 4

Students of French follow the Edexcel GCSE course. KS3 topics are ‘revisited’ in depth and further topics include the world of work, tourism, lifestyles and the environment.

Urdu starts at KS4 and the Edexcel GCSE topics are covered over the two year period (topics as for French) 

Listening and Reading skills are externally assessed exams that are 20% each of the final GCSE grade. Students can be entered at Foundation or Higher level depending in their strengths.

Speaking and Writing skills are assessed and moderated and are 30% each of the final GCSE grade. Students complete two short spoken tasks (4 -6min each) and two controlled writing tasks (each 2oo words approx.) For these skills there is no tiered entry, students will achieve a grade by outcome.

Homework throughout KS4 is preparation for the four skills. Homework books and supplementary materials are used.