Key Stage 3 Teaching Groups

In Year 7 students are grouped according to ability so that their work can be tailored to suit their academic strengths and weaknesses. Class 7X4 is a smaller class, and often has extra support available to the students as well as additional time focused on literacy and numeracy, enabling interventions to be put in place to help the students to make the progress necessary. Students in classes 7X1, 7Y1, 7X2, 7Y2 and 7X3 will be expected to work at a faster rate and again, monitoring takes place to ensure students are making expected progress.

Year 8 are grouped 8X1, 8Y1, 8X2, 8Y2, 8X3, 8Y3, 8X4 and 8Y4, with 8Y4 having extra support available. 

Year 9 are grouped 9-1 to 9-6 with 9-1 being the highest ability group. 9-6 have extra support through additional use of Learning Support Practitioners.

All students are assessed regularly in each subject and set challenging targets which are shared, and discussed with both students and their parents. Their progress is monitored closely to ensure that they are as successful as possible by the time they sit their GCSE examinations. Students not making expected progress are supported so that they are able to get back on track as soon as possible.