Delta 3

"It is really inspiring to see over 40 Year 7s from 7:30am on what are usually cold and rainy Wednesday mornings. Their dedication amazes me and it makes me so proud to be part of this wonderful initiative. It is so important because we are giving the students the time, space and expertise to develop their skills in areas which are beyond our school curriculum. It is not just extra-curricular, it is supra-curricular. This means that students are taking their learning further. The Academy has links with University College at the University of Oxford, who have emphasised the importance of students being involved in supra-curricular activities. They say that when they interview students, they look for involvement in such activities, which show a student's passion for their subject and an ability to study independently, outside of their normal lessons. Delta 3 Club is a perfect opportunity for students to be challenged, stretched and inspired."

Miss Harrison (Delta 3 Lead)

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Below you will find blogs from our students on the various topics they are debating during theit Delta 3 sessions. 

Higher Ability Delta Star

Umar is a member of the Delta Three group in Year 8 and this is a group of higher ability students who are offered  opportunities to develop their supra-curricular knowledge and skills and challenge them beyond the limits of the curriculum. 
The academy has recently purchased,  at Umar's request, phiiosophy, psychology and Thomas Harris books.
Umar loves to read and reads every day. His favourite author is Thomas Harris and he enjoys his books as they are based upon the FBI, solving cases of Serial Killers and crime.
Umar has also taken part in the Brilliant Club Scholar's Programme in which he achieved a First with Distinction. The Brilliant Club is an organisation which brings PhD tutors into schools across the UK to work with a selected group of gifted students on a project which is at least one key stage above their current working level. Umar and eleven other Y8 students worked on a project entitled 'Could the stars float in the bath?' which involved using mathematical principles and scientific theories to analyse the density and flotation of certain materials, such as the matter which makes up stars. 
Mrs Higgs, LRC manager, has been instrumental in developing the 'Delta corner' in the LRC which contains many high-level, academic texts for students to loan. Mrs Higgs has been encouraging members of Delta Three to suggest more ambitious literature for the collection, which is available to all students.
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