What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a two way process between an adult Learning Mentor and an individual student. The aim of the mentoring process is to break down the barriers to learning, support the students to fulfil their potential and achieve success.

The Learning Mentors at the Academy adopt a holistic approach and look at all aspects of the student’s education including the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL). Mentoring can help

  • Raise self esteem
  • Increase motivation
  • Tackle poor concentration 
  • Improve relationships with teachers/peers
  • Change disruptive behaviour
  • Improve attendance and punctuality 
  • Cope with emotional issues and stress
  • Develop anger management strategies

The mentoring process works through a series of one-to-one or small group meetings and class­room observations. On some occasions mentor­ing can include meetings with parents, students and Mentors. Mentoring sessions are confidential. This means that the Learning Mentors will not talk about the contents of the mentoring sessions with other people/professionals/parents unless they feel the young person concerned is at risk of harm from them­selves or others, or could be involved in criminal activity. If this is the case the need to share informa­tion will be discussed with the young person concerned.  The focus of the Learning Mentors is to help students ‘Be the best’.