The Co-operative Young Leaders Projects

  • pe and sports

P.E and Sports Leaders

As part of the Enrichment programme on a Friday afternoon Year 8 students had the opportunity to study for the Young Leaders Award and train as leaders to deliver multi skills festivals and  activities  to a number of our Partner Primary schools, the leaders delivered to St Marys CE, Forest Park, John Baskeyfield, Summerbank and Goldenhill Primary Schools.  The Sports leaders planned, organised, co-ordinated and delivered 2 hours of sport every Friday afternoon, learning to differentiate their lessons to ensure effective delivery to a range of year groups and abilities from reception classes to year 5. Throughout the 2011-12 academic year leaders had many development opportunities in the lead up to London 2012. Leaders became very competent and took on tasks such as delivering the Key Stage 1 sports day for Summerbank Primary School. The Leaders also worked with John Baskeyfield Primary school to deliver their School Games Day at Northwood stadium for  all Key Stage 2 pupils.

BTEC Sports Leaders in Years 10 & 11 delivered a number of sporting activities in partner primary schools as part of their BTEC Unit of Leadership, offering well planned PE lessons, multi skills stations and festivals. Key stage 3 Young Leaders held two festivals each half term for our partner primary schools.

“The young leaders are a credit to the Academy and it is lovely to see them take such time to plan and consider the needs of younger children.”

Mrs Clarke- Reception Teacher at Goldenhill Primary School


The Co-operative Young Leaders embarked upon an Olympic project that was three fold: the project involved planning and delivering assemblies to engender enthusiasm about the Olympics to our Partner Primary Schools. The second strand involved the leaders delivering Olympic lessons to various  year groups but all via cross curricular lessons in numeracy, literacy, geography and science/PE  PHOTOS

“It was great getting a silver medal for my efforts in the geography lesson.”

Jack Hobson Year 5 Mill Hill Primary School

  • mfl leaders
  • kensuke

Modern Foreign Language Leaders

Modern Foreign Language Leaders have now been delivering sessions under the guidance of the Modern Foreign Languages Department for two terms.  Pupils at the primary schools have really enjoyed the leaders visiting and delivering well planned French lessons. The leaders have delivered basic, ‘Bonjour’ conversations, animals, clothes and hobbies. The MFL leaders will continue delivering at The Co-operative Academy in the new building.

“I Love teaching languages to the Year 5 & 6 pupils at St Marys C.E. Primary School.”

Paige Williams Year 9 Co-operative Young Leader -MFL

Literacy Leaders - Kensuke's Kingdom

Staff at Summerbank Primary School worked closely with Academy transition staff to plan a unit of work for Year 5 pupils to study the Michael Morpurgo book, Kensuke’s Kingdom. The leaders then set about reading the book themselves, planning their lessons and creating imaginative ways of delivering cross curricular themes that told the story. Leaders chose numeracy, literacy, art and geography lessons to enthuse the pupils about the book. The project was a huge success which culminated in a DVD of the four lessons.

“The numeracy treasure hunt created by the leaders was brilliant. I loved that lesson. “

Mimi Cowans Year 5 Summerbank Primary School

“It’s awesome, we love teaching the younger children”

Jack Roberts & Zakiya Hussain

Year 10 Co-operative Young Leaders.

  • reading buddies 2

Reading Buddies

The Reading Buddies project was initiated with one goal – for students at the Academy to create an enthusiasm for reading with our partner primary pupils.  Meetings take place with the partner primary schools to look at books or themes that would interest the younger readers. The Reading Buddies along with the Academy Librarian selects books that would be relevant for particular age groups. The Reading Buddies visit the partner primary schools in groups of four and each student sits with a small group of pupils to discuss a new book, read from it and then listen to the younger pupils read to them. Reading Buddies have created bookmarks and learning logs to encourage the pupils to read at home and involve parents and carers.

“The pupils really love us reading to them, I can tell from their reaction every time that we go back to visit.”

Takudzwa Chigaduro

Year 9 Co-operative Young Leader- Reading Buddy

“We love the bookmarks and reading journals that the Reading Buddies have created for us.”

Year 5 Pupils at Summerbank Primary School

  • world book day

World Book Day March 2012

The Reading Buddies and The Academy Librarian, Mrs Higgs created an amazing World Book Day at The Academy for all the Partner Primaries who were part of the Reading Buddies programme. The day was themed and it revolved around, Dragons. Primary pupils were all invited to dress up in characters from their favourite books as did all the staff at The Academy (Can you spot the characters in  the photos?) The Reading Buddies led activities such as, dragon puzzles, dragon word searches, Guess who’s coming to dinner? Do you speak Dragonese? And a dragon film quiz.

“I Liked the Do you speak Dragonese Activity best. It was great!”

Asim Iqbal Year 4

Mill Hill Primary School

  • dance festival

Olympic Dance Festival 2012

Oh what a night! The Victoria Hall played host to an evening of amazing dance on March 14th 2012. The Co-operative Academy dancers trained by Miss Swancott closed the show with a professional and sleek performance. The hard work began in October with Dance leaders and teachers from Goldenhill, John Baskeyfield and Summerbank primary school all agreeing to blood, sweat and tears in the name of dance!  Dance leaders from The Co-operative Academy each week held classes at primary schools to prepare dancers for the show.

“The dance leaders kept on going until we understood all of  the dance. It was amazing being on stage at The Victoria Hall. It was great having Razia our dance leader up on stage too.”

Reema Ali   Year 4 Summerbank Primary School

“The dance leaders from Year 8 at the Co-operative academy have been great! The pupils have really enjoyed the leaders teaching the dance to them.”

Mr Bagley Goldenhill Teacher

  • cyl torch relay

Torch Relay 2012

The academic Year finished on a real high with students from The Co-operative Academy parading the actual Olympic Torch around our Partner Primary Schools. The torch was brought in to the Academy by Tom Halloway a former Sports Leader who allowed the leaders to take it to five partner primary schools for the day. It was an amazing day and one that leaders, staff and pupils will remember forever!

“The pupils loved the torch coming to St Marys CE, we all created our own torches for the parade and the Assembly was inspirational.”

Mrs Smith St Marys CE Primary School

“The whole of Key stage one loved the Olympic parade around the field with the real torch”.

Mrs Brown, John Baskeyfield Primary School

  • ict leaders

I.C.T. Leaders

Trained Year 8 leaders were invited to attend the Academy Extras Programme to plan and prepare new lessons to deliver a new, exciting ICT Scratch package to our partner primaries. The Scratch package teaches  pupils how to create their own sprite, characters that control games such as, Super Mario and Pac man. The pupils at St Peter’s RC primary School were the first to experience the new games package and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The programme was met with such a positive response that it will be rolled out and offered to six primary schools throughout 2012-13.

“I have loved teaching the Year 5 class from St. Peter’s RC primary School. It has been great fun planning my scratch lessons to deliver to then pupils”

Jazel Martinez   Year 8 Co-operative Young Leader ICT