The Co-operative Young Leaders Rewards and Benefits

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Rewards of the CYL Programme

The Co-operative Young Leaders have volunteered a great deal of their own time throughout the projects. Recognising and rewarding students is very important at the academy and therefore an internal accreditation system has been developed and leaders are given the opportunity to gain certificates and aim for more success.  Leaders are awarded certificates and badges in celebration assemblies throughout the academic  year. All active Co-operative Young Leaders are presented with a CYL badge to represent their dedication to the programme.

The accreditation system:

Step into Leadership Award – 20 hours

Step into Bronze Award -  30 hours

Bronze Award – 40 hours

Step into Silver Award – 50hours

Silver Award – 60 hours

Step into Gold Award – 70 hours

Gold Award -80 hours

Some leaders managed to gain many awards in the first year of the CYL programme, excellent examples were set by:

Lewis Brown – Step into Gold Award                   

Melissa Cain – Step into Gold award

Taylor O Connor- Step into Gold Award           

Rachel Lee- Step into Gold Award

Charlotte Kelsall -Step into Gold Award             

Chelsea Sumner- Silver Award

Dale Willatt – Silver Award                                      

Amy Pearce – Silver Award


In the Olympic Year the Academy received tickets for events at the Olympics and the Paralympic Games in London as a result of Partner Primary work undertaken within the Get Set 2012 programme. It was felt that all Co-operative Young Leaders had contributed towards this and therefore tickets were placed in a draw.

Olympic Tickets for the football at Old Trafford were awarded to Lauren Smith and Sara Woodcock. Lauren and Sara were keen reading buddies who worked on a number of projects. The girls were delighted with the tickets.

“I can’t wait to go to the Olympics and I can’t believe that I have won tickets! I have really enjoyed being a reading buddy and I’m looking forward to doing more next year. “

Lauren Smith, Reading Buddy Year 9

Paralympic Games- Athletics

In September five Co-operative Young Leaders had the opportunity to visit the Olympic Park and the Olympic stadium, where they watched the athletics heats taking place. Leaders were in awe of their surroundings, they enjoyed soaking up the electric atmosphere in the park and taking in the art in the park and the architecture of the velodrome and the aquatic centres. Leaders had a memorable day and it was very well deserved!