Teacher Led

Friendly Faces Programme x 5 primary schools where former primary school teachers of current Year 7 visit the Academy and undertake learning walks and spend either the morning or afternoon seeing the current Year 7 students in their new setting.

Literacy provision leading to a Year 5-8 curriculum; Literacy Primary Group met termly to establish group; Literacy learning walks; English teachers visiting primary on a two weekly basis to work in classes in literacy lessons. Literacy two weekly programme of visits from primary schools.

Numeracy provision working towards Year 5 -8 curriculum currently 4 schools come in on a fortnightly basis with Year 5/6 students; Maths staff offering  Gifted and Talented or booster classes.

Music lessons at the academy for Key Stage 2 on a fortnightly basis-link to curriculum themes eg samba drumming for Rio Olympics theme.

Online safety training for primary school staff at CAS.

Gifted and Talented coordinators transition work with primary staff/Learning Walks/Sharing SOWs and GRIDS for learning.

Extended SEN support May – July for students needing extra support, on a weekly basis visit academy and work with other primary classes.

SEN/ CIN meetings for new intake held with staff and agencies in May.

Teacher and Student Led

ICT programmes Scratch/Kodu/Python for Years 3-5 delivered on a fortnightly basis by subject staff and CYLs -parents invited to work with students in the lesson.

Reading Buddies/ Accelerated Readers  Head of LRC had supported partner primaries with setting up of accelerated readers and schools come to the academy on a weekly basis to participate in the programme now rolled out to Year 3 in some schools.

Annual Christmas Party for Year 3 pupils and Pantomine day party run by CYL

Literacy and Activity days  for primary schools  specifically targeting Year 5, hosting Year 5 Activity days- teambuilding/sports festivals/ ICT/literacy led by CYL

Literacy programmes based around KS2/3 curriculum eg Kensukes Kingdom Funny Bones.

Student Led

Support for primary school clubs led by The Co-operative Young Leaders, weekly basis leading and delivering KS1 and KS2 sports clubs after school based at primary schools.

Literacy clubs/Phonics Clubs for primary schools delivered by The Co-operative Young Leaders based at primary schools.

STARS classes for primary students led by CYL and targeted at pupil premium students in primary schools, after school.

Science club for KS1 & KS2 delivered and planned by CYLs

Dance Clubs led by CYLS

Transition Projects

Annual Themed World Book day for primary schools held every March KS2 invited eg Dragon themed/ Winnie the Pooh/Alice in Wonderland.

Transition Bike Rides for Years 5/6 students coming to the Academy Transition Biking afternoon.

STEM projects with two primary schools

Two to three days of formal transition in July including parent information evening; taster lessons in RE, PE, Science and ICT; A Literacy and Numeracy afternoon for base lining eg Literacy Best Piece of work! Teambuilding and Be the Best- Graduation Assembly with parents.

Playground Leaders / Ambassador training